Moose Legion

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2017 Fellowship Class and Ritual Staff taken at the State Convention in St. Louis

All State Conferral in October 2017

As of July 2016

T-Ball on the Mooseheart Campus Sponsored by Mecca Moose Legion #9
on July 13, 2017

2018 International Moose Legion Ritual Competition and Conference
Hosted by Sooner Moose Legion No. 147
November 9-11, 2018
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

James F DeCourcy,  Caseyville 4 
Ronald L Wildermuth,  Rock Isalnd 190
Max E Robertson,  Alton 951
Michael W Davis,  Belleville/Swansea 1221 
Brad Lee Holcomb,  Belleville/Swansea 1221 
Mike Moreman,  Shelbyville 1294
David W Spink,  Mt. Morris 1551 
Phillip C Blair,  Grayville 1960 
William Keck,  Plainfield 2491 
Christopher Grant McCoy,  Plainfield 2491 
Douglas Hill,  O'Fallon 2608 
T Michael Leuer,  Mooseheart 2655

New Fellows Conferred in New Orleans